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Dental Restorations with Al Gulum, DDS

Good-standing dental health sometimes requires the reinforcement or replacement of a tooth. Our practice offers a wide range of restorative dental care treatments that aim to improve dental health. Dr. Gulum and his team in Fresh Meadows help patients all across Queens bring out the best in their smiles.

Dental Restorations in Queens

Our practice is dedicated to improving your dental health and enhancing your smile using conservative methods and state-of-the-art technology. We address issues such as advanced decay, impacted teeth, missing teeth, damage, and other structural or cosmetic issues. Our main goal is to save dentition as much as possible and restore your natural smile.

Services offered at our practice include:

Root Canal Therapy is required when decay has reached beyond the enamel and into the dental pulp. This procedure will eliminate the decay and bolster the structure of the tooth to save it from 

Extractions are required when a tooth becomes impacted or suffers from severe decay that cannot be treated with root canal therapy; removing these teeth saves the rest of the smile from decay. Extractions also generates more space in the mouth, preventing overcrowding. 

Crowns are used to protect weakened teeth using a porcelain, gold, or silver cap. This restores the structure of the tooth and improves the foundation of the smile after an individual has received treatment. Additionally, we also offer one-visit crowns with CEREC for patients looking for same-day treatment.

Bridges use porcelain prosthesis to replace missing teeth using adjacent healthy teeth. This procedure can treat a single missing tooth up to a short row of teeth.

Porcelain Veneers adjust the shape, size, and color of teeth using porcelain shells cemented over teeth. Our veneers are made from premium quality materials, each hand-crafted to fit the patient’s unique smile.

Quality Dental Care in Fresh Meadows

Our practice works with a local lab to produce all our high-quality restorations. The specialist will come into our office and consult with patients to discuss options for restorations and smooth out details to ensure a proper fit. Our team then works together to produce highly-accurate, durable restorations.

Our high-quality restorations are laminated in stain-resistant material that improves the restorations that are able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

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A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Learn how restorative dental care can help improve your dental health and quality of life. Call or visit our practice in Fresh Meadows and schedule your appointment with Dr. Gulum today!

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