CEREC versus Traditional Crowns

Jun 14 • 1 minute read

Dental crowns feature various benefits for patients with teeth in need of repair or replacement, and there are just about as many types of crowns to choose from. When you choose to have a crown placed, you are committing to what could be a lengthy process that involves the precise crafting of your unique restoration. While the fabrication of traditional crowns is centered on artistry, some patients are looking for a quicker route, one that leaves them with a complete smile on the same day they walk into a dentist’s office. Crowns fabricated using the CEREC system offer the same benefits in a much smaller window of time. You only have to choose which method best suits your means and proceed accordingly.

Benefits of both CEREC and Traditional Crowns

What’s important to consider before choosing between different crown types is why you need the crown in the first place. Crowns feature several benefits, including:

  • The protection of teeth recovering from root canal therapy
  • A cosmetic fix for teeth damaged by physical trauma
  • Providing support or reinforcement for weak or filled teeth
  • Form the foundation of a strong dental bridge

Traditional crowns are made from either metal, porcelain, ceramic, or resin. They serve as caps that completely conceal damaged or otherwise unsightly teeth. But while the benefits of traditional crowns cannot be dismissed, the need for fast service in today’s world cannot be understated either.

The Power of CEREC

Whereas traditional dentures may require the alteration of existing teeth in order to fit, CEREC utilizes detailed oral scans in order to fabricate tailored restorations that are durable and aesthetically pleasing. A single block of porcelain provides the necessary amount of material needed for a durable crown. Porcelain is highly-stain resistant, and while it resembles your natural teeth a cosmetic dentist can alter the gradation of colors to meet your needs.

The most popular benefit of CEREC is the short amount of time spent to restore your smile. Traditional crowns can require more than one appointment because of the detailed process behind their fabrication, but for patients wanting results the same day CEREC provides a quicker alternative.

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